Loft makeover into craft room

by Becca on June 2, 2013

Finally. I put my loft back together again. It’s been a disaster zone for what feels like months! Now I have a spruced up loft and dedicated craft space. Eventually I’ll also have more bookshelves, but that’s for another paycheck. 😉 Here are the before and afters.

LoftB&A2 LoftB&A1

I’m in love with this new furniture from the Martha Stewart Craft Collection. Just beware: assembly is a bitch. But in a good way! This is the sturdiest assembly-required furniture I’ve ever seen. It’s heavy as all get-out and looks great! I decided, though, that such fabulous furniture shouldn’t have to have such boring drawers.

DrawerB&A DrawerB&A2

And then it was time to update these little Ikea lamps that were just too dark for the new look. I love spray paint! It can fix everything.


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